Awakening CD


10 Songs to awaken your heart with Bhakti.


The two days in January 2011 in the recording studio were like magic. Swami, as it is His style, changed one or two of the songs at the last minute sending all the back vocals into a spin to get the right tune and key. As everyone prepared to record the first track there was a sense of excitement and nervousness in the air as microphones were adjusted and levels tweaked. We had decided on a semi live feel for the CD where Swami and the back vocals were separated from each other and the instruments. Then the moment of truth came when the first take began and everyone came together to listen to what we would work with later. Swami was very happy all-round and the next two days flowed. Usually a production of this size takes much longer to record, but we only had two days to make it work and we were hoping that Swami’s voice would hold out under the strain of all the singing – especially since he had to overcome a cold – which He did. Two days, 11 tracks and 61 minutes of music later we had a product that we could polish up and let everyone hear our beloved Satguru‘s golden voice.


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